Choice and Voice Team

A team of 10 Bastrop Independent School District teachers, in partnership with the Heart of Texas Writing Project, were awarded an NWP LRNG grant for the 2017-2018 school year.  As a part of this grant, these 10 BISD K-4 teachers will  create writing units of study that culminate in student publication in the Bastrop community and online.  The “Choice and Voice” team’s work supports BISD’s ongoing initiative to bring Writing Workshop to all BISD Language Arts classrooms. Writing Workshop is a research-based, student-centered structure for teaching process writing.

The Choice and Voice team will use this space to document their ongoing work in classrooms with students and encourage other Bastrop ISD teachers and students to write blog posts sharing their writing and writing workshop experiences. Click on the following links to learn more about the LRNG grant and the Choice and Voice team’s upcoming work.

Bastrop Teachers Tapped to Create Student-Centered Writing Curriculum published on

Bastrop ISD Partners with UT for $20,000 GrantnewsEngin.18648982_IMG_6783 published on

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