Going Public in Bastrop!

Funded by the LRNG Grant, the Choice and Voice Team, made up of 7 Bastrop K-4 teachers and a Heart of Texas Writing Project Teacher Consultant, aim to connect Bastrop students’ in and out of school experiences. They’re publishing in innovative ways in community spaces to bring our youngest students’ voices and writing outside the walls of the school. These acts of publication give students audience and new motivation for their writing. They also help us to educate the public about high quality writing instruction that honors the writing process, students’ authentic voices and stories, developmentally appropriate writing, and students’ strengths in their work as writers with important things to say and share.

In October, Lost Pines Elementary’s Meggie Smiley and her 3rd graders published fiction stories and canvas artwork at the Lost Pines Art Center.

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In November, Bluebonnet Elementary’s Shirley Miller and her kindergartners published stories from their own lives including drawing, writing, and voice recordings of students’ work at Berdoll’s Pecan and Gift Company.

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In December, Cedar Creek Elementary’s Dr. Lupe Chávez and the rest of the CCE kindergarten team published more than 100 mobiles of their kindergartners’ drawing and writing at Fisherman’s Park for Bastrop Parks and Rec River Lights Walk.

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This month, more student writing is on its way out into the community! And, the Choice and Voice team’s work has been inspiring more teachers in Bastrop ISD to also connect their students with authentic publication in school and community spaces. More photos to come!


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